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homepage » 2009 » november » 24 » Ordinary citizens can help world’s hungry billion through online UN campaign
Ordinary citizens can help world’s hungry billion through online UN campaign
"Food security is not only a matter of humanitarian assistance and agricultural development; it is a matter of national security, peace and stability,” Ms. Sheeran said.

New York, Nov 17 2009 3:10PM
As the number of chronically hungry people tops one billion, the head of the United Nations World Food Programme (<"http://
">WFP) is calling on ordinary citizens to mobilize through the "Billion for a Billion” campaign to end hunger.

WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran highlighted the campaign in a <
>statement issued on the second day of the World Summit on Food Security taking place in Rome.

"Without food, people revolt, migrate or die. This is the emergency issue of our generation, and we stand at a critical crossroads. At this moment in time we must galvanize all nations, all people and all resources do defeat hunger.”

"A Billion for a Billion” (<"">
is an online campaign designed to make a link between the "on-line haves” and the "have nots.”

It is based on the idea that more than a billion people go hungry, but more than a billion people are on the internet.

"If everyone with plenty gave just $1.50 or Euro1 a week, those without food would have enough to eat,” Ms. Sheeran noted.

"Together we need to make sure that the hungry eat today – and are able to feed themselves tomorrow. It’s time to act.”

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