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homepage » 2009 » november » 23 » Grantholders, Joint Research Centre
Grantholders, Joint Research Centre
Grantholder contracts are aimed at developing training, career development and mobility opportunities for researchers throughout their careers The JRC offers contracts under the national employment law of the site where the JRC institute is established, to scientists embarking on doctoral studies or to established researchers who wish to participate in advanced research work conducted by an institute of the JRC.
Grantholder contracts are divided into three principal categories:
Category 20 Grantholders
Category 20 grantholder contracts are aimed at researchers starting their careers and are intended for researchers who submit a proposal for doctoral studies related to a research area published in a JRC institute's call for interest for grantholders.
Category 30 Grantholders
Category 30 grantholder contracts are aimed at researchers holding a doctoral degree or having fulfilled all the obligations to obtain a PhD (certified by their university) or having a minimum of 5 years research experience after the first university degree giving access to doctoral studies (which may include periods of training such as a masters degree), in a field relevant to the JRC’s scientific activities.

Category 40 Grantholders
These contracts are intended for senior scientists with a proven reputation and a high level of experience in a field of science relevant to the JRC's activities.

Each JRC site has a Vademecum for Grantholders giving information on issues such as salary, taxation, leave, allowances, social insurance, pension contributions etc. A copy of this Vademecum, together with a draft national employment contract for each JRC site, is available below.
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