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homepage » 2009 » november » 23 » International conference on marginalized women, March 8-10, 2010, Morocco
International conference on marginalized women, March 8-10, 2010, Morocco
To celebrate March 8, Isis Centre for Women and Development (based in Fes, Morocco and directed by Dr Fatima Sadiqi) is organizing an international conference (March 8-10, 2010) on marginalized women: single mothers, divorced women, widows, household breadwinners, in brief women without men in a globalized world seriously threatened by the impact of the financial crisis.

Source: WUNRN

Discussing these categories of women is still taboo in the overwhelming majority of the Arab-Islamic countries, sub-Saharan Africa and the countries of the global south. In addition to a couple of plenary sessions, the conference will feature workshops with grassroot activists, visits to three listening centers, life stories, and awards for some local marginalized women who have made it.

Interested scholars/activists, or postgraduate students are welcome to contact Fatima Sadiqi at

"The countries and states of the Arab-Islamic world and the global south are often focused on economic growth alone, but their people, especially their marginalized women, are striving for something different: they want meaningful human lives, lives worthy of human dignity. By "marginalized women", we mean single mothers, divorced women, widowed women, household breadwinners, in brief women without
men in a globalized world, gradually hit by the effects of the financial crisis looming. The lot of these women has historical roots and any improvement in their lives can succeed only if we situate them in the overall historical and socio-political context in which they live.

Very little theorizing on ways to deal with marginalized women in the Arab-Islamic world and global south is available. We need theoretical approaches that can be allies in marginalized women's struggles, not
approaches that keep these struggles from view. We need to target the type of historicized theoretical approaches that could direct attention to the salient features of marginalized women. In the light of this conceptual framework, the conference seeks to promote an adequate analysis of marginalized women and make pertinent recommendations for action. Such an approach would benefit from the historical, as well as the socio-political ideas that would make education and political participation, health and bodily integrity, as well as the importance of meaningful freedom to fashion one's life, salient..

Our ultimate aim is not only to secure serious work on the topic but also engage intellectuals and students, as well as grassroot activists in the reflection.

Aims of the Workshop

The main objectives of the workshop are:
1. Historicize the theme of "women and social taboos". Focus will be put on the history of development.
2.Create linkages between scholars, research institutes, and universities.
3. Include MA and PhD students of human sciences especially gender studies and history in the workshop."
Country or region: Morocco
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