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homepage » 2009 » november » 28 » Degree programs at the Central European University, Hungary
Degree programs at the Central European University, Hungary

For applicants to MESPOM who do not seek or are not eligible for Erasmus Mundus scholarships or other forms of financial assistance from CEU or the MESPOM Consortium. Applications must be submitted complete with proofs of English proficiency.
Central European University was founded in 1991 with the explicit aim of helping the process of transition from dictatorship to democracy in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. It was committed to bringing together students from these 30 countries and from Western democracies, and to nurturing respect for diverse cultures and opinions, human rights, constitutional government, and the rule of law. These aims – all in step with promoting the values of the Open Society – remain fundamental to CEU, but we now cast our web wider. CEU continues to attract students from Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia but almost 50% of the applicants come from other parts of the world. With candidates from 120 countries, CEU draws students from the whole of the developing world, as well as from North America and Western Europe, Turkey and Southeast Asia. Our enrolled students come from over 96 countries, our faculty from 30.
There is no predominant national majority. This creates a uniquely international atmosphere which is one of the most appealing aspects of our student life.

CEU focuses equally on research, teaching and issues of public policy. All three are fundamental to our mission, for all three are essential to the development of civilized modern societies.

CEU is committed to promoting merit, not privilege, and our unparalleled financial aid program has therefore always been extensive and generous – enabling equal opportunity for admission, regardless of income.

Both Master’s and doctoral applicants alike are eligible for a broad array of financial aid opportunities. Most doctoral students are awarded with fee waivers, and virtually all are on three-year stipends worth 8,500 Euro, per annum. Fifteen percent of our Master’s students pay no fees and are on a full stipend of 5800 Euro, per annum; 51% pay no fees and are on a partial stipend of 3,800 Euro, per annum; 11% are granted a fee waiver but no stipend. In addition, 20% of students
receive external scholarships, including Erasmus Mundus.

CEU and all its programs are registered and accredited in the US, and the university also has Hungarian accreditation. The latter enables us to be a fully-fledged participant in EU higher education support schemes such as Erasmus and Erasmus Mundus.


* Economics
* Environmental Sciences and Policy
* Gender Studies
* History
* International Relations and European Studies
* Legal Studies
* Mathematics and its Applications
* Medieval Studies
* Nationalism Studies
* Philosophy
* Political Science
* Public Policy
* Sociology and Social Anthropology
* CEU Business School


CEU's mission is grounded in its pursuit of academic excellence and civic commitment. The university aims at excellence in the mastery of established knowledge, in the creation of new knowledge in the social sciences and the humanities, and in developing the policy implications of both. CEU has built on a combination of American and European, including regional (Central and Eastern European), intellectual and academic traditions and on commitment to social service.

CEU welcomes applications from all over the world, from talented individuals who accept this mission and CEU's curriculum tuned to that mission. As an independent institution of higher education, CEU follows the admissions policy adopted by its Senate. The university’s admissions criteria are set in accordance with internationally-recognized standards and tests. Candidates may apply to two departments simultaneously and to any number of degree programs within the selected departments.

Admission is highly competitive. The university accepts students on the basis of outstanding academic achievement, the strength of their recommendations, proficient English-language ability and general compatibility with the aims of the relevant department. For the 2009/2010 academic year, nearly 3,800 individuals from over 120 countries applied for approximately 600 new places. CEU aims to continue attracting the highest caliber of students, regardless of their financial situation. That is why the university offers an extensive range of financial aid packages to both Master’s and
doctoral students.

In addition to its one-year US-registered Master’s programs, CEU is increasingly able to offer two-year Bologna type Master’s programs with US and Hungarian accreditation. All CEU programs are taught in English.

CEU Financial Aid is awarded on the basis of academic merit – to students from all around the world.

CEU Financial Aid is awarded on a highly competitive basis. We urge each applicant to make a responsible assessment of their financial need before requesting financial aid, or to seek support from other sources such as foundation grants, or individual or employment sponsors.

Students may receive only one Financial Aid package to study at CEU (except if moving vertically along a course of study, e.g., Master's to doctoral). Students pursuing a horizontal course of study (e.g. a second Master's degree at CEU) will not be considered for a second CEU Financial Aid package.

For Master’s students

Financial Aid is awarded for the upcoming academic year only. The award is valid for one year and is not transferable if the student defers enrolment.

For two-year Master's programs, the award can be extended for the second year, based on academic performance during the first year, and in accordance with the institutional Financial Aid allocation guidelines. CEU reserves the right to alter the terms of the Financial Aid award and eligibility requirements at any time.

For doctoral students

Students admitted into CEU doctoral degree programs are eligible to receive a Full CEU Doctoral Fellowship for up to three years.

Doctoral students who receive funding from state sources or other organizations are required to declare that they are supported externally. For the duration of their external grant, such students are not eligible to receive financial support from CEU.

Additionally, in those cases in which a student wishes to keep his/her employment, CEU may request full or partial tuition payment and will expect the student to be able to cover his/her living costs.
For more information see

Deadline: 2010/03/16
Country or region: Hungary

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