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homepage » 2009 » november » 23 » When Icebergs meet…Training course on intercultural dialogue and cross community cooperation, 15 – 24 January 2010, Gödöllő, Hungary
When Icebergs meet…Training course on intercultural dialogue and cross community cooperation, 15 – 24 January 2010, Gödöllő, Hungary
Overall aim is to train youth workers, youth leaders on being able to multiply human rights in the youth field emphasis on cultural diversity with active participation of young people using non formal methodology and cross community cooperation.
Theme and the overall aim of the training course: To raise awareness and develop attitudes in connection with cultural diversity, to develop understanding and skills towards using non formal methods within human rights education in local, regional and international level. To focus on mainly respecting cultural diversity and cross community cooperation in all over Europe and more widen area. Cultural diversities are within lifestyles, traditions, histories, gender, education, minorities as traditional, sexual and new minorities, etc of young people. To build a human rights multiply network with youth leaders and youth workers who establish and implement human rights youth projects emphasis on cultural diversity in local and regional level and to cooperate together in international level.
Learning objectives of the training course are: - To enable youth workers and young people for recognising prejudgements, prejudices among nationalities inside and outside different countries; - To identify and define different and similar aspects of different cultures and stereotypes related with them; - To identify and define the roots and origins of prejudices; - To develop critical way of thinking; - To accept and tolerant cultural diversity; - To make youth workers capable for motivating young people being active participants in a process of acceptance and respectful cultural diversity; - To prepare, run and evaluate local, regional and international youth projects by young people for accept and tolerance cultural diversity inside and outside different countries; - To build cooperation among youth workers.

The methodology of the training course: The course will be based on the principles and practice of non formal education taking account participants needs, motivations and previous experiences as starting point of the programme. Active methods for group dynamics Work in mixed groups Learner – centred and based on the experiences of participants Based on a personal responsibility for learning, supported by a strong group dimension and a collective approach; Enabling participants to apply and transfer what they learnt to their youth work practise Taking into account the needs and motivations of participants and be open to regular feedback and evaluation learning in/from community mutual learning meta-level – adaptation of topics, facts - global reality (awareness) using diversity of peer groups for the learning open, space environment – learning at ease

Who can participate in the training course? - Working actively with young people and having at least one year of experience in running youth activities; - Motivated to develop competencies for dealing on active participation and cultural diversities issues with young people in a new ways; - Able to communicate in English; - Able to decide independently or having support of organisation to develop long term youth work programme on active participation and cultural diversity; - Over 18 years old and there is no upper age limit.
Who will be the trainers? Mara Árvai, Hungary Sarah Holland, United Kingdom Endre Kiss, Hungary
Eligible countries: Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia, Portugal, Greece, Turkey and Romania
Financial conditions: The food and accommodation will be provided and paid by the organizers. 70% of travels costs will be reimbursed either by bank transfer after the course or at the end of the course in cash (in Euros €). It may be that money from European Commission will be late; in that case, as mentioned, you will get your reimbursement after the course by bank transfer (be ready for that). There is 20EUR participation fee!

If you are interested in what was presented above, please fill-in application form (which is below) and send it to us by e – mail:
 till 26th of November, 2009.
Deadline: 2009/11/26
Country or region: Hungary
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3 Gular Fataliyeva   (25.11.2009 23:51)
here is the application form ;))


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2 Igret Raluca   (24.11.2009 19:46)
Good Evening,

I would like to receive the application form in order to aply to this training program.

Thank you,

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1 opoku-debrah kwadwo   (24.11.2009 03:37)
i have a lot of interest in this training program

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